samedi 28 janvier 2012


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Tren Go! Sound System
ontem, no Lounge.

black bombaim.

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Black Bombaim
ontem no Lounge.

banjo & barba.

frio até aos ossos.

mercredi 25 janvier 2012


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aquele dilema que sabe especialmente bem.
bruxelas, paris & berlim.

lundi 23 janvier 2012

birds are indie.

dimanche 22 janvier 2012


comprovado cientificamente.

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moonrise kingdom.

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samedi 14 janvier 2012


vendredi 13 janvier 2012

férias é isto.

e é bom!

the last goodbye.

wes is back!

jeudi 12 janvier 2012

the catcher in the rye

"Holden: You know that song 'If a body catch a body comin' through the rye'? I'd like —
Phoebe: It's 'If a body meet a body coming through the rye'!It's a poem. By Robert Burns."


o meu estômago ficou chinês!

samedi 7 janvier 2012

7 janvier.

comprar o diário de Virginia Woolf em dias de loucura.

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